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Brighton is a beautiful small community on Lake Ontario about 1.5 hours drive east of Toronto. Presqu’ile Animal Hospital is conveniently located in downtown Brighton at the Prince Edward Square plaza. We are open Monday to Friday including Tuesday evening hours. We take care of dogs, cats and pocket pets like rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs...etc. Our services include examination, vaccination, diagnostics, surgery, dentistry, hospitalization and prescription pet food. Please stop by when you are in town next time and ask us any questions you may have. We are looking forward to seeing you! New patients are always welcome!

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Annual physical examination and vaccination are the key to a long healthy life for your pets. You are encouraged to ask about any concerns with your pet during an appointment. After the full physical examination is performed you are involved to decide which vaccines your pet receives. Some are core vaccines like rabies and distemper. Others are optional like leptospirosis and kennel cough. If your pet is found not well during the examination, vaccination is postponed and the necessary steps to recovery are discussed.


Surgery and dentistry are performed in our hospital. Most cases are day procedures so your pets are ready to go home at the end of the day. Some extensive surgeries need overnight hospitalization all depending on the nature of the surgery and the patient’s condition. All surgery and dentistry include pain control medication and in most cases include intravenous fluid.


We offer a variety of laboratory tests, radiograph and ultrasound. Laboratory tests include blood test, urine test, fecal test and cytology. Some tests can be done immediately during an appointment. Others take more time to complete so we will call you once the results are ready. Radiograph can be done anytime in our hospital. Ultrasound is done also in our hospital by a mobile ultrasound veterinarian.


We are equipped for hospitalization. All patients for surgery and dentistry as well as ill patients need hospitalization until they recover well enough to go home. Some diagnostic procedures require a part day hospitalization or a full day hospitalization. While patients are hospitalized, they are closely monitored for their condition.


Good quality food is essential for healthy well being for everybody and so it is for your pets. We prescribe top quality veterinary food for dogs and cats. These include kitten/puppy food, adult food, senior food, weight control food, food for urinary issues as well as food for kidney disease, liver disease, and heart disease. In case your dog or cat won’t eat new food which was purchased from us you can return it for a full refund.


We take any emergencies when the local emergency clinic is not open. Please call us if possible before you arrive with your pet. We are a member clinic of the local emergency clinic, so any overnight or weekend emergencies are sent there. The emergency clinic is called Pet Hospital of Prince Edward & Hastings County located in Belleville. It takes about 30 minutes from our hospital to get there.

More About the team

We believe that pets are important members of the family and every one of them deserves good care.
Dr. Chiemi Ogawa, DVM, MVSc - Veterinarian:
Dr. Ogawa was born and grew up in Gifu, Japan. She graduated from Rakuno Gakuen University, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Hokkaido, Japan in 1990 and also received a Master of Veterinary Science from the same university. She moved to Canada in 1993. After working as a supervised veterinarian and a veterinary technician in BC and Ontario and passing the Canadian Veterinary Board Examinations, she obtained her Canadian Veterinary License in 2003. Since then, Dr. Ogawa has been working as a small animal veterinarian throughout Ontario. She, her husband and Winnie the cat live in the country just outside of Brighton.
Jamie McPherson - Receptionist/Veterinary Assistant:
Jamie graduated from East Northumberland Secondary School in Brighton and is currently enrolled in Veterinary Offices and Procedures at Loyalist College. She is planning to be a veterinary technician in the near future. She lives in Brighton with her family and her Russian Blue cat, Savannah along with two Siberian Huskies, Annie and Kicker. She loves the time spent at the clinic and is very happy to assist our clients and patients.
Kim Dunsdon, Veterinary Technician:
Kim graduated from the Veterinary Technician program at Seneca College in Toronto in 1992. Then she worked in two fast paced animal hospitals in Toronto for 23 years. Kim moved to Brighton in 2009. She and her partner live with three dogs, 14 year old mixed breed rescue Casey, 12 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier Jasmine and 5 year old Border Collie mix Switch that she competes in agility with.


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Please send us any comments and questions. We will get back to you ASAP.


Presqu'ile Animal Hospital News

  • December 2015

    The winners of the puppy package and the kitten basket are “Charlie”, a 8 month old boxer and “Quincey”, a 7 month old orange tabby cat! Charlie is very happy to receive this gift. Quincey is happy too but he is too shy to be in the picture.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all from Presqu’ile Animal Hospital.

  • October 2015

    We are always welcoming puppies and kittens as new patients. It is delightful to see clients bring their new little family member to us. To celebrate the completion of their initial series of vaccinations, we have set up a draw for either a puppy pack or a kitten basket to be drawn on December 1st, just in time for Christmas. All puppies and kittens who have completed whatever is required for their initial vaccination series are entered in the draw. Those gifts are now displayed in the reception area of our clinic.

    Presqu’ile Animal Hospital

  • Spring/Summer 2015

    Dogs and cats become more active in spring and summer, like we do. Warm weather and more opportunities bring them out of the house. It’s fun time. However, this means that they are more exposed to injuries, infections, toxins, allergic reactions... and sadly going missing. It is a good time to make sure that your dogs and cats have all necessary vaccinations up to date and have deworming plans in place. A fecal test is also important to check if your pets have any intestinal parasites. A fecal test detects any parasites in the intestines which include parasites like Giardia and Coccidia. Common deworming medications don’t work on them. In some cases, your dog or cat needs the specific medication for the specific parasite.

    Heartworm is a worm but they don’t live in the intestines. They live in the blood of the heart and lungs. That’s why we need to take a small amount of blood from your dog to do heartworm testing. In our hospital, we test also for Lyme disease and two other tick-borne diseases (Anaplasma and Ehrlichia) when we test for heartworm. We had 16 Lyme disease positive cases last year, and most of these dogs hadn’t shown any signs of Lyme disease at the time of testing. When you bring your dog to our hospital for heartworm/Lyme disease testing, you have an option to add a Wellness test. With a Wellness test, your dog is also tested for major organ functions like liver, kidneys and pancreas. Our hospital has started heartworm/Lyme disease testing for this season. Please call us to book heartworm/Lyme disease testing for your dog.

    It is mandatory in Ontario that dogs and cats have a Rabies vaccine that is up to date. This includes indoor cats. Why? Because any indoor cat can get outside by accident or a bat could come into house and in contact with your cats. Other vaccines include distemper combination, Leptospirosis, Lyme disease, kennel cough, feline Leukemia. What other vaccines your pet needs depends on their life style. During the pets’ appointment we can determine what protection is most appropriate. Please remember that vaccines need at least 10 days to become effective for your pets. So please make sure that your pets receive vaccines at least 10 days prior to going to a boarding kennel, crossing borders or going to a doggy daycare/dog park.

    New this season is an oral medication now available to kill fleas/ticks on dogs. Dogs seem to like the taste and it can be easier to give and more effective in some cases.

    Spring is also a kitten season. Many kittens are looking for new home. We currently have a poster of beautiful kittens in our window who are looking for new home. We often have notices of puppies/dogs looking for a home too. Please stop by or call us if you are looking for new furry family member.

    Have a happy, safe, spring and summer!

    Dr. Chiemi Ogawa
    Presqu’ile Animal Hospital

  • Winter Tips for Your Dogs and Cats - January 2015

    Winter is in full swing with minus 20 C temperature for several days. Just like we dress ourselves appropriately in cold weather, some dogs, especially small dogs and short haired dogs, need a sweater or coat to go outside. Doggy boots are also available in various sizes. However many dogs are fine without boots. Just make sure to clean their feet to remove road salt when they come home after walk. A few cats still enjoy going outside in winter. I strongly advise to make sure that they come home in the evening and stay inside for night.

    Many homes have a fireplace or wood burning stove. Even small amounts of smoke can cause respiratory distress for small dogs and cats. Please make sure that pets are not exposed to it.

    Many snow bird people in Brighton are enjoying the warmth and sun in Florida right now. If you are heading south in winter with your dog, please take appropriate medication for flea, ticks and heartworm.

    We still see fleas indoors, especially in old houses or in houses with carpeted floor. In this case, dogs and cats need flea medication and you may need to apply flea spray to carpets and the sofa. The good news is that ticks are inactive in winter. They are back when the temperature rises to 4 C. In Brighton, we normally start seeing ticks in March. When you take your dogs to Presqu’ile Park or Proctor Park, it’s a good idea to start tick preventive medication in March and to avoid going through tall grass area where ticks are waiting. I would encourage everyone to enjoy the beauty of Presqu’ile Park and Proctor Park. Just be prepared for ticks.

    Have a happy safe winter!

    Dr. Chiemi Ogawa
    Presqu’ile Animal Hospital

  • Brighton Off Leash Dog Recreation Area (BOLDRA) is OPEN now! BOLDRA had its Grand Opening on October 9, 2014.

    Hours: from DAWN to DUSK, The period of 9 am to 10 am is small dogs only (under 20 lbs, 9 kg)
    Location: 118 County Rd 64, Brighton, ON (south of downtown, just east of the water treatment plant)
    Phone: 613-243-3262